Founded by Jacob Steinberg, CosmoVision Media Group is a full-service production company specializing in high-end natural history and factual entertainment. We maintain the utmost level of quality, emphasizing artistic and technical innovation, while constantly pushing the bounds of our craft to achieve ever greater levels of excellence.

We make films to help heal our planet. Through our blue-chip wildlife content we aim to reconnect the severed bonds between humanity and our natural companions. We look to educate through inspiration, engaging audiences of all ages by opening up to them a world of drama, excitement, and magnificent beauty.

Through our scientific and conservation films, we celebrate those with a passion for environmental stewardship, and a sense of ecological responsibility. Through powerful narrative film and effective outreach, we empower their cause in support of a healthier, cleaner, and richer world for our children.

Impeccable Images ◆ Compelling Stories

  • Osprey

    See life through the eyes of the only aquatic bird of prey native to the entire world. Be there as it breaks from a shell, takes to the sky, and learns to hunt in preparation for its epic migration.

  • Living Tides

    Travel to some of Earth's unique and mysterious places, where conditions align to produce awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles and natural phenomena.

  • Maestra

    Coming Soon

Artistic ◆ Imaginative ◆ Visionary

Our Team

At the heart of CosmoVision is the passion, creativity, and immense skill of our core team, whose combined experience in various media disciplines spans half a century.

  • Jacob Steinberg

    Director | Cinematographer

    Jacob Steinberg is an EMMY Nominated Cinematographer. An expedition leader, wilderness medic, and mountaineer, he has travelled worldwide, documenting subject matters from wildlife conservation, indigenous culture, and natural history. An active conservationist, among his highest priorities are sustainability and biodiversity preservation. Evident in his work is the deep desire to bring to public awareness powerful stories of the importance of protecting our natural environment and ecological heritage.

  • Paola Saavedra

    Art Director | Production Designer

    With a background in production design, photography, marketing, and publicity, Paola brings a wealth of experience and a broad skill-set to the team. With an impeccable aesthetic eye, she manages the overall artistic quality of production, while simultaneously assuming responsibilities of associate producer, still photographer, and outreach coordinator. A global citizen and professional traveller, Paola brings to all her work the tastes and colors of her vast cultural experience.

  • Sergio Garcia Mayer

    Post-Production Director

    Before CosmoVision, Sergio worked as an editor and director of post-production in Peru for over twenty years. As one of the most respected and sought-after editors in his country, he has cut every form of content from commercial television to feature film. Sergio’s motivation has always been to reveal the many faces of this magnificent planet, making the world aware of its cultural richness and natural history, fostering inspiration, appreciation, and respect.

  • Stefan Martin

    Associate Producer

    Stefan Martin is a skilled naturalist and birder. Having served on the board of the Connecticut Ornithological Association, he has spent the last ten years counting and documenting migratory raptors. Fueled by a life-long passion for wildlife, he spends his days finding rare species, often attracting birders from hundreds of miles away to spectate. Stefan leads birding expeditions for hardened birders and the general public through the National Audubon Society and independently.

  • Chris Wuest

    Assistant Camera

    One of a small elite group, Chris has been a proud Eagle Scout since age 14. Lover of nature, design, and innovation, he has a keen eye and a creative mindset. He is the muscle behind the grunt work and a crucial member of the production team. Chris has a sharp eye for natural patterns, enabling him to catch details sometimes not seen in the field. He has tapped into the natural world on a heightened level and has an innate ability to estimate his subjects next potential move.


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