Founded by Jacob Steinberg, CosmoVision Media Group is a full-service production company specializing in high-end natural history and factual entertainment. We maintain the utmost level of quality, emphasizing artistic and technical innovation, while constantly pushing the bounds of our craft to achieve ever greater levels of excellence.

We make films to help heal our planet. Through our blue-chip wildlife content we aim to reconnect the severed bonds between humanity and our natural companions. We look to educate through inspiration, engaging audiences of all ages by opening up to them a world of drama, excitement, and magnificent beauty.

Through our scientific and conservation films, we celebrate those with a passion for environmental stewardship, and a sense of ecological responsibility. Through powerful narrative film and effective outreach, we empower their cause in support of a healthier, cleaner, and richer world for our children.

Impeccable Images ◆ Compelling Stories

Artistic ◆ Imaginative ◆ Visionary

Our Team

At the heart of CosmoVision is the passion, creativity, and immense skill of our core team, whose combined experience in various media disciplines spans half a century.


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