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Co-Founder, COO Enterprise

Randy Haddad


A cinematographer turned lawyer, Randy Haddad currently practices law in New York City, leveraging his background in visual storytelling to offer a unique perspective in the legal arena. Born and raised in New York, Randy’s fascination with filmmaking ignited at a young age, driven by cinema’s ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through imagery.

Graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School, Randy continued his education at the New York Institute of Technology, where he further honed his craft. Following his graduation, Randy embarked on a career as a freelance cinematographer, collaborating with emerging directors on various film, television, and commercial projects. His exceptional talent and dedication quickly garnered recognition within the industry, leading to opportunities to work on high-profile productions. Randy’s work has been celebrated for its visual flair and meticulous attention to detail, solidifying his reputation as a rising star in cinematography.

In addition to his achievements in film, Randy holds a law degree from New York Law School. He believes that his background in cinematography enriches his legal practice, offering a distinctive approach to problem-solving and advocacy. With his graduation from law school slated for May 2023, Randy eagerly anticipates the future, driven by his dual passions for film and law as he continues to make his mark in New York City’s legal landscape.