About the Series

Living Tides explores undiscovered migratory phenomena around the world. Filmed entirely in ultra high definition 4K resolution, the series reveals awe-inspiring natural events, breathtaking natural places, and the incredible creatures that connect the continents.

In a coastal saltmarsh of North America, a spectacle unlike any other found on earth, unfolds as a small songbird species prepares its annual migratory ritual. Every evening at sunset, legions of tree swallows will coalesce above the same small island of grass on the marsh’s edge, a multi-generational gathering of unfathomable proportions.

Every year, millions of migrants will travel along principal flyways across Earth’s surface, thousands of miles to a very special place where the mountains meet the seas. Channeled by the narrowing mountain corridor, raptors, the highest flying of all creatures, animate invisible thermals in an aerial spectacle seen in such scale nowhere else on Planet Earth.

Off the Western coast of South America, colliding currents create some of the most productive marine environments of the planet, attracting migrating species of all types year round. As creatures set out to sea in the hundreds and thousands, a spectacle of unparalleled magnificence unfolds – a true testament to one of the richest marine ecosystems on Earth, and the multitude of life depending on it.